Since its inception, Sage Builders, LLC has employed the services of a professional interior designer. If you think these skilled professionals only make selections on the interior of a home you are mistaken.

On the exterior they select the manufacturer and color of the roof, entry door, garage doors and window colors. They also select the type and color of the masonry and concrete pavers.

On the interior they make far more selections than colors. They select the type and finish of the hard surface flooring, the wood flooring, the carpeting, the finish on the drywall, the paint, the type and contrasting color of the door and window trim, the style of interior doors, the interior door hardware, the cabinets including their stain and finish, the electrical fixtures, the electrical switches and outlet plates, the countertops, the backsplashes, the manufacturer and finish of the plumbing fixtures and faucets, and of course the appliances.

The value added to the finished home by a professional interior designer is impossible to measure but they fulfill the necessary task of assisting the builder and the owner in making all the decisions required in a home building project. At the final walk through of a project, the builder receives a great number of accolades for the quality of the build but the professional interior designer gets the hugs for helping the owner turn their vision into the final product of their dreams.