To say that Central Oregon is experiencing severe winter weather may be a gross understatement.

The first seventeen days of January did not see the temperature rise above freezing. In concert with the cold weather, the area had three heavy snowstorms that set a record of accumulated snow.

Roof, Ceiling and Wall Leaks in Bend and Central Oregon

According to an article in the Bend Bulletin, the snow and cold temperatures attributed to a record number of roof, ceiling and wall leaks in Central Oregon.

These leaks can be traced to roof and siding flashing that has cracked; broken and worn shingles; roof valleys that are not properly sealed; vent booting that is cracked; skylights that were improperly installed; gutters that are clogged; condensation in the attic or overhead and the number one problem of ice dams.

Sage Builders has Constructed Over 500 Homes in Bend and Central Oregon

Sage Builders, LLC has constructed more than 500 homes in Central Oregon and has experienced only one home with damage attributed to an ice dam in our 16 years of building.

What is an Ice Dam?

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow in the form of water from draining off. The combined weight of the ice itself can damage the roof, as well as the water just sitting on the roof’s surface.

The ice dam happens because of the heat from your attic, and the rest of your house, is above freezing, when snow on a roof melts, moves down the slope, and re-freezes further down the roof, it could potentially create an obstruction preventing additional water from passing. This water may then be forced uphill
and underneath shingles where it could find passage into the structure. Roofing is only designed to keep out water that’s traveling downward with gravity.

ice damHere is an illustration of an ice dam. The best way to prevent or reduce an ice dam is to eliminate or reduce the amount of warm air that is escaping into the attic and to reduce the relative humidity in your home. Another way to deal with the problem is having the snow removed from the roof by a reputable snow
removal expert so that you eliminate or reduce the source of the water.



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