Once you’ve started planning the custom house of your dreams, it’s time to add the finishing touches that will turn your house into a home. Here are four interior design tips that can help you make it yours:

Love at First Sight

It’s time to give your custom home some curb appeal. Upgrade the exterior with a few personal touches of your very own:

Choose your favorite color palette: For a classic look that will last a lifetime, many interior designers are recommending a monochromatic look that will give your home a modern edge. If you want to paint your home a beautiful dark gray, for example, paint the trim in that color too.

Dress up your front door: Big sturdy wooden doors reminiscent of ancient European villas are making their way into contemporary American homes. Add character to your home by getting something paneled, vintage, or custom crafted. Then add fresh flowers or a fern wreath for a touch of the French countryside in your very own home.

Customize Your Kitchen

Choose metallic appliances: Choose chrome, gold, or even rose gold appliances to spruce up your kitchen. Buy metallic accessories such as charger plates, candlestick holders, or barstools. And if you really want to make a splash, you can’t go wrong with the rose gold Vitamix (just stunning).

Go bold with your tiling: Let’s not forget about the kitchen backsplash. When done correctly, a bold tile can provide the only decor your kitchen will ever need. Choose a dark glossy color to make a statement, or a geometric pattern to add a hint of edge. Or put the marble on your walls instead of on your counters for an alternative to this popular home trend.

Landscape Your Home

Let your garden grow wild: For less upkeep and a beautiful facade, plant flowering bushes and trees where they have room to crowd into your outdoor living areas. Plant grasses in between stone paths and seed a trellis with ivy for a wild look.

Bring the outdoors indoors: Use wildlife as part of your centerpieces or decor to bring the outdoors into the home. During the holidays, add a little color to your mantelpiece by using flowers instead of garland.

It’s All in the Details

Decorative support beams: For a warm country feel, add decorative wood beams to your kitchen or living room. Or to take the look more modern, paint the beams in a contrast color.

Exterior lighting: Finally, pave the way at night by shining a spotlight on those special little touches you’ve added to your home. If you have a beautiful stone path, illuminate it with lighting, if your address is written out in metal lettering, highlight it with a spotlight, and if you used redwood as part of your side paneling, use pendant lights to accentuate it.

By adding these personal details to your custom home, you’ll provide the finishing touches that will make your new house feel like your own lived-in home.