During the month of October 2017, Sage Builders, LLC will complete a milestone in the Desert Sky Project on the Ridge at Eagle Crest when they close escrow on the 23rd and final home in this neighborhood.

This project began three years ago in the fourth quarter of 2014 when Sage Builders, LLC developed a plan to complete the final 23 undeveloped lots. At that time, existing homes in the Desert Sky neighborhood were selling in the low to mid $200,000.

Marketing professionals had been asking Sage to develop a home similar to their Creekside Village Townhome project with attached two car garages. Sage was looking at a product that would be in the low to mid $300,000 range or $100,000 more than existing homes were selling for in this neighborhood.

Sage enlisted the talent of Bend architect Neal Huston to create a home similar to the floor plans he created at Creekside Village but in a single-family home configuration with an attached two car garage. Neal came up with three unique floor plans and five elevations for the final phase of this project.

The next hurdle was selling this new concept to the existing 100-plus owners in the Desert Sky neighborhood. That task was not without challenges but was successfully completed in the first quarter of 2015 when the first home was pushed out and construction began.

That first home was completed and sold with escrow closing in July of 2015. The next 22 homes were sold, built and will close escrow in 27 months. Not too bad for a project that relied on all of the homes being pre-sold before construction began.

Sage Builders, LLC would like to thank all of the professionals that helped create this project including Neal Huston Architect, Sun Country Engineering, Northview Oregon Resorts and Cascade Design Center.

In addition to these creative talents, Sage extends a well-deserved “Thank you” to the subcontractors and suppliers that built the 23 homes. It has been an exciting three years and Sage Builders, LLC is now looking forward to their next project.

Stay tuned.