Sage Builders was thrilled to be named “Builder of the Month” by Earth Advantage last month. Founded to accelerate the creation of better buildings, the Portland-based nonprofit has worked with Sage Builders since 2006 to build high-quality homes in the Bend area. Of course, this is exactly why we got into this business in the first place.

Sage Builders Builds Sustainable Homes in Central Oregon

Originally from San Diego, Sage Builders’ President, Mark Huffman, started developing apartment buildings and condominiums in California before he moved to Central Oregon with the goal of building high-quality single-family homes in the area. There he partnered with Sage CFO Paul Whitaker, a construction alum with more than 30 years of experience. Together the two agreed they would build sustainable homes using natural resources in and around Bend, Oregon.

That’s why Sage Builders began partnering with Earth Advantage. A reputable certifier of green homes, Earth Advantage has worked with Sage for more than ten years, verifying our homes using third-party testing and inspections. We strive to meet every requirement for good energy standards and green building, and have continued to do so. By choosing to build a home that is Earth Advantage-certified, customers of Sage Builders can be confident knowing that their home is constructed responsibly and is environmentally sound.

Earth Advantage Certifies That Our Homes Are More Efficient

Over the past 11 years, Earth Advantage has certified more than 15,000 homes in Washington and Oregon—but what does it mean to be certified? And does certification even matter? To us it does! Being certified by Earth Advantage means that your home is guaranteed to be 25% more efficient than the state building code requires—and that’s important. We want to build homes that last, and that have a minimal impact on the beautiful landscape around them. Earth Advantage certification helps us do just that.

We love that we’re held to Earth Advantage’s high standards. Together we create custom homes that are sustainable, durable, and promote better health for our customers and the environments in which they live. As Earth Advantage is an unbiased third-party, it feels good knowing our building practices live up to their mission to build better houses.

We Build Award-Winning Custom Homes in Central Oregon

That Earth Advantage has awarded Sage Builders their coveted Builder of the Month award is an absolute honor. With hundreds of builders to choose from, it means a lot to us to be recognized as a sustainable leader in the Pacific Northwest—and it means a lot to our customers as well.

Sage Builders is not your average home builder. We’ve built more than 500 custom homes in Bend, Redmond, and Central Oregon, and our team has more than 75 years of building, design, and construction experience. Our homes take, on average, 70 days to build and feature award-winning construction and design that ensures your home is exactly the way you want it to be.

Contact us for more information. We’d love to help you build the home of your dreams.