So you’ve decided to build your new house from the ground up, providing you with the opportunity to control your size, layout, and design. Constructing a new, custom house in Central Oregon is a massive undertaking—but you don’t have to go it alone.

Choosing the best home builder for your needs is one of the most important decisions you will make when crafting your new home from the ground up. It’s essential to find a builder you can trust to bring your ideas to life, respect your budget, and keep everything organized from beginning to end. Selecting the home builder who is the best fit for your project will make the process more enjoyable, efficient, and exciting. Home construction isn’t cheap, so it’s important to consider the following when deciding on your custom home builder in Central Oregon.

How to Interview Your Potential Builders

There are several essential questions you should ask every time you interview a home builder. You’ll want start by learning how long they’ve been in the custom home building business and how many years of experience your builder has under their belt. You’ll also want to know how many projects they’ve completed in that amount of time. If they’ve been in business for a long time but haven’t completed many projects, you should learn why.

Likewise, you should ask to see some of their past projects so you know what you can expect. Sometimes builders will give you the addresses of a few houses they’ve built for you to view. This is also a helpful way to see whether or not you and this specific builder have similar taste in home styles.

You should always make sure that all of the business’s employees are licensed and insured to be safe. If you can, you might try to learn what training and affiliations your builder has—strong connections with other local businesses demonstrates dedication to your community.

Finally, go with your gut. Conduct interviews in person or over the phone rather than via email. If you speak with someone who seems both compatible and knowledgeable and has the portfolio to back your feeling up, you’ll know they’re the right fit.

Sage Builders

With over 75 years of building, design, and construction experience, Sage Builders is ready to work with you to craft your perfect home. Sage Builders is an established, recognized community partner and an active volunteer with the Bend Area Habitat for Humanity and the Bethlehem Inn. Recently Sage Builders volunteered to help the Bethlehem Inn in the management of the construction of their 2 new buildings. Our team was awarded the COBA Builder of the Year in 2002 and 2006 and has received numerous Tour of Homes awards. We have a solid name and reputation as one of the best custom home builders in Central Oregon.